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Bros Universe
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Default Gasoliq - new arcade platformer

Hey everyone!
I'am happy to report that we have completed work on the GASOLIQ. Now we are preparing for the release on the App Store in July.
GASOLIQ is our first game and we'll be very happy if you enjoy our work!
Brief information about the game:
Paid or Free: FREE
Genre: Platformer / arcade platformer 2D
What platforms and devices focused: iOS (iPhone, iPad)
Technologies used: Unity 3D, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Flash
Why this game is interesting:
Unusual game play with the ability to switch between different states;
Colorful graphics, the atmosphere of the space adventure;
It fills the shortage of games of the genre "classic platformer".
We would like to share with you this short video. Also very interested in your opinion.
Description of the idea:
GASOLIQ - space traveler. He is a representative of a rare species of creatures that can change its state to solid, liquid or gaseous. His planet is in danger of destruction. He goes on a journey along the unexplored worlds searching for components of the device, which can prevent a catastrophe.
At each level the hero is fighting with amazing beings and collects magic crystals. Step-by-step GASOLIQ finds all new and new elements of a treasured mechanism.

The basic mechanics of the game is to move on a variety of platforms using three aggregate states.
On your way every now and then there are monsters there. They can be defeated only by being in a certain state.
For example, some fiery enemies can be overcome only in a liquid state.
In order to survive in harsh conditions, GASOLIQ has to constantly replenish his energy exoskeleton. The source of this energy is spheres.
Moving between the levels occurs in a spaceship. Fuel can be found throughout the game.

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