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Just Released This section is for just released technology

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Default The LithiumCard PRO: The HyperCharger

The LithiumCard PRO: The HyperCharger seems like it is going to be a huge success and like the new hot item to have for a smartphone. LithiumCard is not like any ordinary battery backup charger it is able to charge your phone with in half the time of a normal charger. Plus it comes is a brunch of different colors.
For example, if the LithiumCard is plugged into your smartphone for 15 minutes, your smartphone will have a charge of up to 15%. In addition, the LithiumCard will automatically optimize the device's charging process so there's less time waiting.
Some of the other good things about it is that you no longer need to carry around both the battery backup and a cable because they are now infused into one. If both your phone and the LithiumCard is out of charge, we have a unique bypass charging system, which allows you to simultaneously charge a smartphone and the LithiumCard’s internal battery.
It is as easy as 1,2,3.
Step 1: Recharge it
When running low, flip-out the USB plug and charge it with any USB equipped charger, laptop, or cigarette lighter adapter.
Step 2: Plug it
Pop out the micro-USB or Apple Lightning connector or even any USB charger and connect it to your device.
Step 3: Power it
Start the charging process by pushing the power button, once the light starts blinking.
Here is a chart to show how they compare to competitors:

Make sure to pick yours up today before it is to late. Also pick up while you are at it the Power Vault 3000 - an AC charger and 3000mAh power bank all in one! The Power Vault 3000 features a two-prong AC connector that is globally compatible with all voltages (110V to 250V). It can be used around the house, office, and of course to charge the LithiumCard! It retails for between $50-60 USD
Link to Home Site
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