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Rules General rules

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Exclamation Welcome! General Rules! (Read Before Posting!)

About the site:

TouchArchive-information site: announcement applications, games on the iPhone,iPad and Android, developer interviews and reviews published games and programs on the iPhone,iPad and Android.

Contact Info:

We welcome press releases, previews, screenshots, and videos for current or future iPhone, iPad and Android games. We cannot promise that a personal reply, but we are doing our best to evaluate each application submitted. Please send press releases or questions to the info[at]toucharchive.com

General Rules:

1. Ban for all spam users !
2. No illegal soft , links, movies and porn pictures.
3.Will remove not activated and registered users without posts after 30 days .Say "Hello" to ignore this.
4. All users under moderate anti-spam control.
5.Will remove users with email from mail.ru,163.com and emails like this online.shop.free@ or r.t.rf.dot@
6.Registration is free .Register yourself only if you want to post and be active here.
7. No websites at user names.
8.Please save English language clear.
9.Signature for Vendor link,can't use for personal links.
10.We have the right to remove posts without reason.
11.Random user name like:vhdw8oq4,65rb00190ge,12jj00107as,17vb00177gg will be removed !
12.Do not do double posts of same item in a different or sam sub forum.
13.Will remove posts with no work links and pictures.Please verify your links.
14.Please resize your pictures to stay into frame post.

Developer Rules:

1.Reviews for iPhone ,iPad, Mac, Android and Windows applications.
2.You have options to run promo codes contest or giveaway on Twitter,Facebook and our site also price drop as part of TouchArchive Sale.
3.We got lots of emails,so please be patient and keep in touch.
4.We do not send notification when the review is posted on our website,please periodically check this.
5.Promo code will give you a chance to see your applications approved.Applications do not buy them to try.
6.We appreciate if you post links of our review on your web site or App Store description.
7.We can't guarantee that your app will be reviewed.*
8.If approved, will soon be published in our review news on the main page.
9.Be creative and simple .Please don't send me lite version!
10.Post all info:iTunes link,video,screens and site link,Twitter,Facebook.
11.Update information with Apple update in iTunes.
12.Thank you and have a good time on our forum.
13.Please use the template form by creating a post in our forums.
14.If you what us to review your app and it is a paid for app
you need to send a code to us not have us contact you back for a code because it is annoying to have to do that you need to send us a code if it is not a free download or you will get denied.

15.We have the right to change our review at any time if we find fit.
16.Do not post fundraising campaigns without permission.
17.Please do not send request from robot sites and auto send service.Not work here,save your money.
Approve messages by personal email(PR) with additional information.
19.For Android Apps,please provide .apk file or promo code.
20. In the future, please don't hesitate to get in touch.
21. Not Approve free application with in-app purchase to remove advertisements.
22.Do not do double posts of same item in a different or sam sub forum.

*Only for free review request.

You have 3 options :
1.Free of charge.Simply use our review request form.
2.Run giveaways with promo codes on our site.
3. Post review makes from yourself in the forums.

PS: Remember to FOLLOW us and LIKE us on Facebook & Twitter

Please support us we appreciate that!

If you are interested don't hesitate to write back if you need more info.

Note: Developers please PM WarCrack (CEO) if you want to be with status Developer.

In accordance with the US law you must be 13 to register with this site

TouchArchive Team

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