Have Hours of Fun with the Baby Jump Gaming App

Baby Jump

We all know what the casual games are a great source of entertainment and challenging gameplays. They allow any user to test his skills and prove their capabilities especially if they are combined with some action features. That is why we are sharing with all of you one of the most entertaining games recently launched on the Android platform. Full with amazingly created graphics and unique sound effects, Baby Jump is everything that a casual game should be. It is brought to the Android platform by the developer team FU Team, who managed to create such an amazing casual/action game, packed in very neat and tidy design and original animations. All of the customers’ reviews agree with our opinions in this matter. This is one of those games that will endlessly challenge you.
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App Builder by App Institute Review

App builder by App Institute is a great addition to their App Maker CMS, It allows a simple way to manage customers app actions, send and schedule push notification and review app download stats. The App Builder offers you an easy to use drag and drop interface, multiple professional design templates and powerful add-ons from loyalty to booking modules.
Some of its features include: Login to access customer relationship management features which makes it a great customer service tool, because it allows you to remotely keep in touch with your valuable client base and never miss out on an opportunity to surprise your customers with great service. You can also view customer actions, insightful app analytics and schedule push notifications, all on the go.
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Our Epic Day – A New Way to Capture, Share and Keep Your Memories


What’s so amazing is that the cameras in today’s iOS devices have resolutions thousands of times better for far less cost and they’re far easier to use. But as great as that is, what make taking photos with iOS-based products really fantastic are all the photography apps now available. Slideshows are an excellent way to display photos, videos or any other type of content. More often they are used by photographers of all ranks and PC users to organize multimedia footage into beautiful clips for online sharing or YouTube upload.

If you’re wondering how to preserve the unforgettable moments of your life, the answer is quite simple. Obviously, you can transfer the pictures from your device to your computer in case that your device would be broken or stolen, or there would not be enough capacity in the device. To be a little bit creative and distinctive, you can find a slideshow maker app to help you turn your iPhone photos into slide show with your favorite music and various effects.
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SpyChatter – Secure Instant Messaging


Why would anyone want their messages to self-destruct after a certain amount of time? The answer is simple- privacy. Our every action on Internet leaves a digital footprint stored in servers around the world. Also, everybody has distinctive motivations to hide text messages, call logs and contacts, however, one very common reason is that we have something mysterious on our phone and don’t want others to know. Whether its instant messages, contact numbers or dialog, got and missed call logs. Particularly young people have numerous mysterious things on their cell phone and that is trepidation for them that another person can see or read.
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Become the Selfie Champion – Top Thaaat

Top Thaaat 2

In this day and age, selfies offer us tons of opportunities for fun and laughter. But even though there are many platforms that you can use to share your selfies, none of them typically give you any freedom of expression. Well the app that we will be talking about today gives you a chance to engage with your friends through selfies like you’ve never experienced before.

The Top Thaaat app is an iPhone app that is heavily centered on the idea of selfie challenges. This means that it is solely used for selfies and videos, giving you free space to goof around with your ideas as much as possible. It is the only app that is a true selfie game app currently on the market.
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Tropical Dash – Fun iOS Gaming App

Tropical Dash

Apple’s iOS is fertile ground for a wide variety of great mobile games across every genre. Armed with strong graphics and responsive touch screens, the iPhone and iPad are solid gaming machines. The App Store is offering millions of gaming apps, so the hard part is figuring out which ones are any good and which are the ones that stand out from the boring crowd. We always try to help you out and give you a hand when it comes to finding new, exciting games for your iPhone or iPad. One of the newly developer gaming apps on the ios platform that we simply adored is called Tropical Dash. This fun-filled game is created and designed by Peter Sairangka, it requires iOS 9.0 or later and it is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.
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CALC Smart – The Scientific Calculator with Converter & Widget

calc smart 1

We are all pretty familiar with the iPhone’s built-in calculator. If you’re looking for additional features or options, you should know that there are many calculator apps available on the App Store that can help you out. A search for “calculator” on the App Store shows 2,000+ results. A lot of these are special-purpose apps—tip calculators, weight-loss calculators, mortgage calculators—that we’re going to ignore here. But even after eliminating those from consideration, there are still a ridiculous number of calculators available for the iDevice. How can you choose the best one? Well, we did narrow down the list and came up with one advanced calculator app that helps you do your daily math in a smarter and better way.
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Draw Yourself into the World of Fashion and Trend Industry with Envicase

Envicase 1

When it comes to fashion, apps and technology have made life a lot easier. Rather than spending an entire weekend shopping at the mall, we can now get instant gratification, whether it’s a personal stylist at our fingertips or an on-demand sale alert so we never have to pay full price again. There are many apps that deal with fashion on the iOS platform, but only few caught our attention. One app that really amazed us because it combines both fashion and social networking is an app called Envicase. It is perfect for all shopaholics and people who love famous trends and celebrities. The developer team, TID GLOBAL Corp., made it user friendly and very easy to use, well packed with dozens of unique features.
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Puntr – Swipe and Win


In the early days bookmaker apps were pretty basic, offering a very limited number of functions.  If you wanted to do anything more advanced that place a straight bet, you needed to return to their main website.  The latest generations of iPhone bookmaker apps now offer live scores, results, news, betting tips, audio commentary and live video streams of both horse racing and sporting events. This is why it is way better for anyone who likes to bet to turn to mobile apps.

If you’re still wondering why you should move to mobile betting, there are multiple reasons. For instance, mobile bookmakers now stream thousands of sporting events for free every month to their iOS apps, most online betting companies realize that mobile is the future so they offer exclusive free bet offers to their mobile customers, etc. Another thing that can make you move your betting on the mobile side is the app we’ve discovered few days ago. The name of the app is Puntr and it is now available for all iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users. Thanks to the developer we can now enjoy both safe and fun betting, always accessible in our pockets.
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Enigma Test – Crazy Addictive Puzzle Game

Enigma Test

There are tons of puzzle game apps out there on the App Store. But almost none of them have any challenge to them. And the ones that are somewhat okay? Well they are extremely over priced for what they offer. Thankfully for all of us puzzle lovers out here, a brand new app has risen to take the number one place for mobile puzzle games.

The app that we will be talking about is free to download. This is really amazing because the app is so good, you’d think it costs tons of money. The only thing that you might pay for are hints that help you through levels, but even this is dirt cheap, and you don’t have to purchase them if you don’t want to.
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