Startup Jobs – Love Your Job Search


Job application apps and other online tools have officially gone viral. Never before has it been easier to keep track of jobs and contacts on the go. A great example is the old standby,, which now has apps for the iPhone, Droid, and iPad that allow you to keep your job search — including resume, cover letter, and listings — with you at all times. Because if you’re hunting for a job, the last thing you want to do is to be a day late — and possibly a job short – just because you missed a posting.

Whether you’re a job seeker or a job giver, you need a flexible, reliable and easy-to-use app to give you a hand in your search. Today we have one of the best apps of its kind, called Startup Jobs. We looked into many apps in order to share with you the one that we think you’ll like the most and that’s how we found Startup Jobs. It is created by GAM Software Solutions and available for both Android and iOS users.  The overall design is beautiful, each of the integrated features is organized and the interface is smooth and intuitive.
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Taco Trump Down – Destroy What Trumps Builds


Google Play is a bit scary if you aren’t sure what to look for. With thousands upon thousands of Android games to choose from, regardless of your device, it can be pretty daunting knowing where to start. The good thing about having such a huge number of games is that no matter what you like, there’ll be a great game to play. The tricky part is finding the diamonds in the rough. But don’t worry –  we always pick the best experiences you can download right now so you don’t have to spend hours searching.

We leave no stone unturned in our search for fun, diverse and challenging games to play on the go. We decided to look for a new arcade game this time. Although physical arcade games may be a dying breed, their influence lives on in mobile. Plus, many of the games still only cost quarters to play. Traditional arcade games featured short bursts of gameplay that propelled you toward a high score. That fits mobile play just fine.
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Test your Addition, Subtraction and Multiplication skills with Math Brain Workout


There are some great educational apps available for the Android smartphones, but how on earth do you make Math fun? Math is boring, right? Well, actually, no. But the way most of us are taught maths certainly can be dull. To get to grips with math you need to master the basics, and that means learning lots of simple sums off by heart: 2 x 7 = 14, 5 + 4 = 9, 33 divided by 3 is 11, etc.

Math is not everyone’s favorite topic in school. But you don’t need to be a math geek to love math games. In fact, playing math games could be good for your brain. Thank goodness then for smartphone apps and tablet apps that make learning basic math not only easy but fun, too. We’ve reviewed some games of this kind and came up with the one that we liked the most.
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Game Review – Run Away Kid


Endless runner games have become quite popular in recent years. For those who don’t know, endless runner games don’t end. You continuously “run” through the game until an obstacle stops you with the point being to achieve the highest possible score. Their quick play, addicting nature, and simple controls make them an accessible genre that virtually anyone can pick up and play. Everyone knows about the big infinite runner hits like Temple Run, so let’s take a look at another great endless runner game for Android!

The game that we’re so excited to share with you today is called Run Away Kid. It delighted many casual and arcade gamers when it was released. And of course we’re one of them. This is a newer infinite runner game that has become very popular very quickly and it’s easy to see why. The developer team, Kazapp, did an amazing job in designing it with unique character, backgrounds, sound effects and music.
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Road Fun Games Car – Fresh and Cool Retro Game


Racing games are among the most popular games out there for smartphone users. Because of their minimalistic and intuitive way of playing, racing games have become huge in number over the past few years. Because of this, people are having a harder time finding all the great new racing games that get developed over time. Good games get thrown in the shadow, while bad games keep to the top, all because of the sheer number of racing games out there, good or bad.

That is why today we decided to share a great new racing game out there, for all of you racing fans to enjoy. The game that we will be talking about today is an excellent mix of retro graphics and gameplay that are all too familiar with veteran console gamers. It is a game filled with cool sounds and graphics that will make any retro nerd download it. And what is the name of this cool new game, you might ask?
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Space Jump Zap – Lovely Casual Game


The smartphone platform in general is aimed at teenagers and adults who own their smartphones. However, the platform is quickly growing into a great place for kids with a selection of apps and games that cater to younger minds along with hardware specifically geared toward kids. Children are able to use and understand technology at an early age. They know how to operate smartphones and tablets correctly and get into their favorite apps before they can speak. There is a sea of apps available for every platform, but not all of them are appropriate for children.

We tried to find an app that is appropriate for children and adults, a game that can offer fun to all generations. And guess what? We had enormous success, as we searched through Google Play and narrowed down our list to only one. The gaming app that we’re presenting to you today can be easily found in the Casual category on the Android platform. It is called Space Jump Zap, created by Kenneth Black and compatible with all Android devices. It requires Android 3.0 and up and it is designed in a very friendly way.
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Fluxed – Free Obstacle Run Game


We often need a game that can relax you as we play it. Most of the already existing games are too exciting and violent, or too boring. We wanted to find the perfect middle, a game that will both relax and challenge us. We thought that this task will be difficult, but one of our staff members quickly managed to find exactly what we were looking for.

The game that we discovered is called Fluxed and it is created by Richard Hartley. We downloaded it and believe us, we still can’t keep our hands off of it! This is the reason why we wanted to share it with you today. This unique game is launched on the iOS platform, compatible with both iPhone and iPad. The design is marvelous, with colorful and lightning backgrounds and figures and engaging music and sound effects.
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Become the Ultimate Crazy Car Racing Champion with Truck Stunt Hill Climb


There’s a reason the Fast and Furious franchise does as well as it does. Racing is exciting. It’s almost as if the need for speed is ingrained in our DNA. And racing games are a natural extension of that. The best of those games make you feel the wind in your hair and get your adrenaline pumping through awesome graphics and smooth gameplay. From hyper-realistic racing simulators to arcade smashfests and everything else in between, there are many mobile racing games for Android devices.

We’re not like most of the people. A car racing game which involves flying cars, lasers, explosions, high speed collisions and impossible driving lines isn’t for us. The emphasis should be on driving skills, raw speed, realism, and not on distraction! That is why today we have one of the finest, most minimalistic racing games on the Android platform. The name of the game is Truck Stunt Hill Climb, created and launched by the team over at MVPCODES. Besides the awesome fact that it’s compatible with all Android devices, this game shines with entertaining gameplay and well combination of black, yellow and orange color. Actually this can keep you focused more on the gameplay and not on the graphics around it.
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3volve is a somewhat addicting game! I downloaded it and installed it without any issues. It is an easy game to play and understand. When you first fire up the game, you are presented with a screen that has 6 icons on it: Daily Mega Merges, Store, High Score, Options, Help, Resume and Play. Press Help and you are walked through the different ways that you can swipe tiles together, what you need to do to use a “Mega Merge”, how many “Mega Merges” you have available, how to collect “Mega Merges”, the meaning “Super Evolution”. Press “Options”, and you are presented with the ability to enable sound effects and music and to reset your high score. Press “Store” and you are presented with the ability to purchase various amounts of Mega Merges. Note here, that I have been playing for hours and have yet to find a need to make a purchase from the store. When the “Daily Mega Merges” tile is highlighted (once per day) press it and get a chance to play the slots, where you can win Mega Merges.
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Sharpen Your Brain and Math Skills with the Kokotoa App


Ever wondered what is the best way to exercise and sharpen your brain? Well, the answer is pretty simple and obvious – math. Although many people, especially high school kids, don’t adore mathematics, now with the rise of smartphones and apps it is made easier and more entertaining.

Math apps can range from basic arithmetic concepts like numbers, fractions to mathematical formulas, theorems. The Educational category helps parents, teachers and students to instill basic and complex math skills with our selection of math apps which will assist them at home and school. These best apps are aimed at kids and students of all ages to learn and practice math concepts that are explained in a fun way with the help of games, puzzles, quizzes, flashcards and more.
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