Who here has an iPhone 5 or newer? A lot of you. About 80% is my guess. That means you all need to charge your phones.
How many of your cables get bent at either end and it starts to break?
Well, here are your options. Either keep buying cables from Apple at $30 a pop, and keep breaking them. Or head over to
i10accessories.com and check out the Power Series: Life Line Cables.

These cables are the same size as the 2 meter lightning 8-pin cables from Apple. Not to mention the Apple cables an extra $5.
The Power Series: Life Line Cables are not going to break because the coating on the cable is Braided Nylon Rope. Also, the heads, on both sides, are made of metal. The connector is made of a rubber so it bends when it needs to.
The cables come in three different colors. The Space Gray, Silver and Gold.
In conclusion i believe that these cables are much better than the Lightning cables from Apple because they are cheaper and will not break. They are overall, a better way to spend your money.
*These cables are also for Windows phones and Android phones*


Website: i10 Accessories