I just went through and read Sam Plays Saxophone for the first time, and it was a fun little story. I loved how interactive it was and how it got you so involved into the story. Every page has some sort of interactive piece, whether it be from playing one of the instruments or moving objects onto the main character, or moving objects to reveal other animals from the story. This app is very cool and would be a great learning tool for kids.

I can’t get over how cool this app was to use. The story was fantastic and I really enjoyed listening to it a lot. I like how you can either turn the sound on to listen to it or you can turn it off and read it on your own. If you your kids are just starting to learn how to read, then this app will definitely help them because they are able to read along with the recording.

The pictures and the design of the story were drawn to perfection. Whoever created the illustrations did an amazing job. The characters are very cute and appealing to younger a kids. The characters are user friendly and look just like cartoons you would see in kids shows on TV today. This app is very easy to use and a kid would be able to figure out how to use this app in two seconds.

This app is a great learning tool for many young kids. It is very interactive, you are able to pick up and move certain objects, and you are also able to move the characters throughout the story. All the instruments and the noises they made were spot on and sounded great. This is very useful for kids because not only does this story help them learn and read, it can get them interested in different forms of music and want to start playing instruments. Getting a kid interested in an instrument is a great thing because it can help them with their creativity and their learning ability. With this app you are able to do that. I would highly recommend this to anyone with young kids or someone who is going to have kids. This will be a great tool to help them learn. I would a hundred percent buy this app again in the future if I had to.


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