If snowboarding Simulator (well, or skiing) would make the circus staff, would be turned into Ski Safari -crazy, slightly marazmaticheskaya treatment that happens in ski resorts. Recently released its second part-and there’s madness, of course, more vain.From the outset, you are offered to choose: skiing will skate or snowboarding. Can clicking without looking-at that, nor on another you ride only and will not be. In the mountains, where sporting young man (or girl) live penguins, snow men, eagles and, ahem, Mammoths. Once you catch someone from the local fauna, will glide already on it. The game encourages more ride on, say, the snow man, the more points.
Importantly, Ski Safari 2 is the ultimate goal-an extremely rare materials for such games. Mountain plus-minus one (until certain events), but always different tasks: make a back somersault on the stove (and there is), punch head snowy cloud fly five hundred meters into the net. Each completed assignment-an asterisk leading to the next chapter. When you hit the ceiling, Ski Safari will send you 2 … in the desert. That’s really not waited. There will be all the same, only with some changes in terms of local animals.

In the game there is a shop, a gift that the game is worth a little more than 100 rubles, while there is one hundred comparatively honest ways to weaning your in-game money. You can buy a scarf or mask, but if you watch, still in the direction of something that is practical, then skiing: any help further jump, some spit on rocks and other obstacles, and some simply made from gold-give nothing, but look cool.
If you remember, we somehow have overlooked game Alto’s Adventure is a meditative piece, where it is necessary to jump from the mountain snowboarding. Ski Safari 2 from the same opera, only where the Alto’s Adventure took atmosphere, today the patient takes a bitchy, even wild fun. In fact, too method.

Ski Safari 2
Ski Safari 2
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