Like they’ve done for so many other forms of media, apps have transformed radio. Whether it’s traditional radio stations, or those made for Internet only, apps have become a popular way to access these audio streams. It’s worth mentioning that Android devices usually have solid radio apps and they are usually sufficient for the casual user. But, if you’re looking for something more, then an app like Replaio would be an amazing choice. Replaio is a neat, beautiful and highly functional internet radio app that can enhance the radio listening experience on any Android device.

Features of Replaio

The app will enable you easy access to more than 30k radio stations across the world and from all genres. You can smoothly browse through them because of its smooth and slick design. It has pleasant colors, neat typography and simply it is a joy to use. Besides that, we can confirm that it is extremely stable, lag free and functional radio app that never bailed on us, even though we used it frequently in the last few days (one time we used 4 hours straight).

The navigation is easy. You can easily change stations and everything just goes around fast and smooth. Like a song and you want to remember it, Replaio will enable you that because it can add the songs from any radio station to your Spotify list. You can set sleep timers where you can fall asleep with your favorite radio, or set a wake up alarm where you can wake up with your favorite radio.

If you have listened to a radio and few days or weeks ago and you want to listen to it again, Replaio will enable you that because it keeps history of all songs and radios you listened to. Pretty neat feature.

Final Thoughts

The app is indeed a better and more useful radio app that any stock Android app you may have. With inclusion of over 30k worldwide radios and the possibility to add songs to your Spotify lists or keep history of each radio or song you listened, the app totally deserves all the credit. It’s free and available for any Android user on Google Play.

Google Play Download Link: Replaio

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