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We experience some stressful situations every day, we often feel depressed and we lack motivation to do anything. All-known fact is that the best stress reliever is music. We put out headphone on and search the songs we want. But, why not make it easier? Why not use an app that has built in playlist, created especially for de-stress? We were searching for an app like that the other day and we discovered this amazing one in the Music & Audio category. The app is called Inspire101 and it is created by Pablo Carpio. Now, all of the Android users can enjoy the ultimate de-stress app and experience relaxation and motivation at the same time.

The Inspire101 app features audio player with predetermined playlist and it is very simple to use. All you have to do is download the app and start by choosing one of the two categories. Choose the one you want and start your mornings right and de-stress at any time of your days and nights. The first category or Relaxing contains calm instrumental music that can make you experience sense awakening and enhance your creativity to the fullest. The other category or Motivational features famous inspirational speeches that can promote self-growth and it can help you to set your goals and achieve them just like they did. All you have to do is tap on the category you want and tap in order to start listening.

Inspire101 allows you to play the music even when your device is sleeping and they can be streamed to compatible devices, such as Google ChromeCast or Fire TV. The app’s music and playlists can be of great value when you exercise, meditate, study or if you need some emotional support from time to time. Note that there are new songs adding every week. Enjoy the songs and the speeches that can both relax and motivate you. Download Inspire 101 for $1.99 from Google Play.

Google Play Download Link: Inspire 101

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