Are you a business man or woman looking for an easy and simple way to do your job online? Then you will definitely be interested in this app. EZTalks is an app that was launched for both Android and iOS platforms. It offers the users a great professional and simple online conferencing services with stunning HD video and audio.

The app gives you the ability to host meeting conferences online and many more amazing features. You will be able to have face to face meetings with your business partners with high quality video and audio, which makes the app work great on both tablets and iPads. All the app requires you to do is sign up and you start up a meeting right away. You can choose whether to host a meeting by typing in the topic and the date or you can simply join one and start a conversation with an individual or talk to everyone that is present. You can invite attendees to join a meeting by sending them a text or an email. If you wish to join a meeting all you need to do is type in your name and the meeting ID. Being a host of a meeting allows you to present your ideas to everyone that has joined your video conference, you can give the permission to speak, mute someone or even kick them out of the meeting.

Besides all of the amazing features we told you about, EZTalks offers its users another thing that will do you good in the video conferences – a whiteboard that allows you to draw on your ideas and explain them to your partners, a great tool that will help you present and share your ideas. You can also highlight, erase, text, screencap and many other things that will help you guide your conference. Download EZTalks now for free on Google Play or the App Store.

Google Play Download Link: EZTalks

App Store Download Link (iPhone): EZTalks

App Store Download Link (iPad): EZTalks


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