The first thing I have to say is that I honestly we never thought we could possibly get addicted to a game that involves nothing more than shooting bubbles in order to pop them. That was, of course, before we discovered the dangerously addictive bubble shooter game that was just recently introduced.

Monster Pet Pop is the bubble shooting game that you want to include in your Android device game list. It is a quick and enjoyable, ultra-addictive bubble burst experience that you’ll want enjoy everyday!

Monster Pet Pop Storyline

You are in a journey of the cute Dragon and Stella to rescue the world from terrible monsters’ darkness. It is your duty to use the bubble legend to win the monsters. If the balls are not enough, you’ll need help from your friends or you can repeat it for times to complete this difficult task.

The ultimate goal is to burst all the balls from the first row. You’ll need to be fast and bust as fast and as precisely as you possibly can.

Our Experience

It seemed that the developers that created Monster Pet Pop put a great effort in making it a unique and vividly entertaining bubble shooter experience. The storyline is lovely, the graphic, audio-visual effects are amazing and the whole combination of animations and sound effects will enable you to enjoy each second of the game. On top of that the 150 levels and the whole creation of each level will challenge and create some sort of bubble shot addiction that you’ll totally love!

This kind of games should be more frequent on Google Play. The game has soul, story and overall it is based in a slightly magical environment that will take to another state of mind. The bubble shooter game is free!

Google Play Download Link: Monster Pet Pop

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