I downloaded vigcal onto both my Mac Book and my iPad mini. Both loaded without a hitch.  The first thing that you notice is the layout of the screen.  The default setup, in my estimation, is absolutely perfect; I am not sure why anybody would want to change it, but maybe as you gain familiarity with the app, you would want to change things.  The date is displayed as a large date in the upper left corner. There is no question about what date it is! Directly to the right of the date, it displays the days’ weather, temperature, humidity and wind speed. Tap on it, and it brings up a new window displaying the weather  for the next 10 days. The only thing that I found here was that it is very sensitive to where you press. You would think that pressing any place on the temperature display would bring up the additional weather information, but, no, you needed to press directly onto the cloud/sun icon which was just above the temperature.

Along the top left corner there are 4 icons: settings for the entire application, specific to the calendar, map and a download button to upgrade to the full package. When you press on the settings icon, it brings up a side window that  displays a list for: Calendars, General, Contexts, Event, Task & Booking, Note, Invitation, Security, Alert, Get started – V1.7, Contact support, and Products. Along the top edge of this menu it displays Done and Settings. I won’t go into each individual menu item here, just more of a high level overview. Take it for what it is worth that there are an enormous number of settings that could be made; almost too many!  You can modify anything from the calendars to display to the font size and color to use, type of view, day, week, month or list, etc. A similar level is available for all of the other items. Again, the one thing that I will point out at this level is that when you press on one of the items (Calendars, General, Contexts, etc) it appears that you are bringing up a new window on the right side of the screen; this is only an appearance!  You are actually just bringing up an extension to the main menu. After you go to the right side of the menu to make your changes, you are unable to find a “Done” or “Save” button. Finally, out of frustration, I pressed the “Done” that was at the top of the main settings menu. This saved my changes, but also exited the settings menu. If I wanted to do anything else, I needed to re-enter the menu. The only reason why I am mentioning this is because it just seems rather amateurish relative to the rest of this application.

Beside what I mentioned above, I found the vigcal to run flawlessly. The graphics were perfect, the screens were easy to read and the integration of all of the different applications, calendar, notes, tasks, etc., was great. The access to the different features/areas was as simple as a tap, double tap, swipe, etc. Again, here the only frustrating item was the need to be accurate when you are doing your taps.  I would strongly  recommend this application to any busy individual.

VigCal - Smart organizer for your life!
VigCal - Smart organizer for your life!
Price: Free+

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