Gone are the days of a phone revolving around voice communication. These days, a mobile device is a powerful personal computer, and with the right set of tools, it can be an invaluable productivity machine. How do you transform your Android device from interesting gadget to indispensable assistant? We have you covered. There are apps which are among the best functionality-expanding productivity tools available for Android today. Put them on your Android smartphone or tablet, and get ready to watch your productivity soar.

One of those apps is Notibuyer – Notes, Shopping & To-do Lists. We were stunned by this app because it is truly a life-changer and a productivity tool that makes everything easier and more organized. Thanks to its developers, all users with Android phones and tablets can now enjoy a great productivity app – it only requires Android 4.1 and up. The user interface is smooth, it has great graphics and multiple helpful features.

If you’re asking yourself what are the app’s features, we highly recommend you download it immediately, but nevertheless we will review some of them right now. First of all, it provides with a microphone that lets you record anything you like and then it turns your recordings into notes. The notes are well organized and are extremely helpful when shopping or whatever your tasks are. Also, you can search for all kinds of items and images with the Google Search button and have additional help.

Create circles of friends to share with them your notes or make them private, make your shopping lists on the go and get things done with an ease! Download Notibuyer – Notes, Shopping & To-do Lists for free from the Google Play Store and don’t forget to invite all of your friends and family members.

Google Play Download Link: Notibuyer

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