There are thousands of Android games available in the Play Store. Although only a few Android games become popular among users, there are some hidden gems to be discovered. Some of those games are so addictive that even after playing them whole day long you do not wish to close them. The arcade category on the Google Play Store is a host of great bubble shooter games and this time we wanted to find the best of the best.

The Android market is teeming with countless apps. Having a wealth of games for all age groups, one of the most popular categories is the bubble shooting game zone. Exciting and addictive, the bubble shooter adventures have enthralled all, and guess what? This time we have one of the most unique one out there, called Bubble Blaster Shooter.

Developed by GAAKAPPS, this bubble shooter differs from the others in this category because it is designed with minimalistic graphics and rockets instead of balls, with visually appealing animations and engaging sounds to make it even more fun than it already is. Now, let’s share some words about the gameplay.

Bubble Blaster Shooter features rocket launchers, each one of them containing different powers. All you have to do is aim in the right direction, target the bubble you pointing at and shoot. You have to combine at least three bubbles with the same color, but you can shoot more. The more you shoot, the higher scores you’ll get. There are other rocket launchers and multiple power-ups for additional help. For example, the double rocket launcher targets with 4 missiles and hit bubble you point to and nearby bubbles too, the bombs make the bubbles explode, the electric ball explodes a whole line of the bubbles and created a huge blast.

If you play this game you will be challenged by 180 different levels and more to come. Easy to play, with astonishing graphics, Bubble Blaster Shooter is free for download on the Google Play Store. Don’t hesitate, try it and share it with your friends!

Google Play Download Link: Bubble Blaster Shooter

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