One thing an iOS device is the fact that it is perfect for is playing Backgammon. If you’ve never played, it’s an ancient game — something like 5,000 years old, by some accounts that involve rolling dice and removing all of your pieces (or checkers) from the board. It’s a good mix of strategy and luck, and it really doesn’t take long to get the hang of it. We’ve taken a look at some of the free backgammon games available in the App Store, and gave them a go on few of our devices. Check out the one we’ve selected to present to you today, called Backgammon+.

This incredibly designed backgammon game is brought to us by Adikus, a very successful game development company. They made it compatible with iPhone4, iPhone5, iPhone6, iPhone6+ and iPad Retina created with iOS 8.0 or later, where each user can display it in portrait and landscape boards. The graphics are marvelous, the boards are very realistic and the sound effects and the soundtrack are even more engaging than the gameplay itself.

What is unique about Backgammon+ is the fact that it features three different playing modes. There is a single player mode which allows you to play on your own, against a strong Al with a 3 different difficulty ranges, then there’s the multiplayer mode that allows you to play against a friend of yours on the same device, and the online mode that allows you to play online against random players of this game from all around the globe. The game contains an easy checkers move (one tap per movement) and a doubling cube (including the Crawford rule) as well.

One thing is guaranteed in this game – that the dices are rolled totally randomly and 100% fair, no matter who the player is. So if you want to enjoy a great backgammon game on your device, download Backgammon+ for free from the App Store. You can even get the in-app purchase to disable all of the ads!

App Store Download Link: Backgammon+

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