Semler Heart is a very simple to use application available from the App store. It has no usage instructions that I was able to find, but, luckily, it has a very simple user interface. During installation, which went flawlessly, it requests access to the data kept by the iPhone’s Health App. Specifically, it requests access to the information on the number of steps. The primary display contains two large circles and three icons along the bottom row, Activity, History and Tips. The primary screen that displays is Activity. It has two large circles with the top one being the larger of the two. It displays the data pulled from the Health App as the number of steps for the current day and a conversion to the number of miles. Around the edge of the circle is a green strip that is a visual indication of how close to your daily “steps” goal you are.  The second and smaller circle contains a display of how many steps you have remaining to achieve your daily goal. Pressing on this “Goal” circle, brings up a new screen that brings up a new circle with two sliders bars in it. The top slider allows you to set either a Monthly, Daily or Weekly, step goal; the bottom slider allows you to set your number of steps, ranging from 1000 to 16000. Whichever timeframe you choose affects the primary screen, with an indication of your steps toward the Daily, Weekly or Monthly goal that you chose. Here, the only issue that I have is that the goal steps only goes up to 16000. Luckily for me, this is only realistic as a daily goal amount, not weekly or monthly. I do like the idea of having the other goal timeframes, but I am not sure why it was so limited.

When you press on the History icon, it pulls the data from the last 7 days, providing you with a list which indicates the day and steps. Here, I am not quite sure, bu the bottom most ones does not indicate the day of the week, but the actual date, not that this really affects anything about the App.

Tapping on the Tips icon provides you with helpful tips/notes concerning heart health. There is also a picture of Dr Herbert J. Semler, which, when tapped, provides a biography for Dr Semler and a way to contact him, by bouncing out to his website,

Overall, the App is very easy to use, makes a point about the importance of doing exercise, obviously focused on walking, and ran without issue. As stated, the information is pulled from the Health App as far as the step data goes. The distance data seems to be self-generated, since it is different from that which is displayed in that Health App. The fact that this App is FREE, makes it a no brainer to download and use.

Dr. Semler’s HeartPerks
Dr. Semler’s HeartPerks

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