There are so many Trump-themed games out there. So. Many. Even a search for Trump’s Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton, will only result in a handful of Hillary-themed games (that query will even just return a bunch of Trump games). This is perhaps the best thing about this election, since it’s so stressful and it’s making all of us nervous and full of anticipation. As we wait for the election date, we can freely immerse in one of those satiric games and not feel guilty at all. But how can you know which one to download? How can you know which one is designed with the proper graphics and the right gameplay for you?

There is no need for you to worry because we have already scouted both App Store and Google Play Stored and came up with one of our favorites to present it to you today. The game that we’re so excited about is called Trump Rally, compatible with phones and tablets with Android 3.0 and up, and with iPhones and iPads with iOS 6.0 or later. Designed with retro graphics and intuitive user interface, we guarantee that this game will provide you with hours of fun!

The gameplay of Trump Rally is simple, yet so challenging and entertaining. It is basically a rally car game with a car that you can easily control – just tap and hold on your device’s screen. The car is driven by the famous Donald Trump and he has one goal: to get as many Hilarys and Chinas as possible. Drive around in each direction you want, even backwards when you get stuck with lots of Hillarys around you, but don’t ever quit! Make your high scores by showing your skills of precision, timely movements and good strategy planning. Or you can just let Hilary destroy Trump and lose the game, it’s all up to you.

Simple, with relentlessly compelling storyline, Trump Rally can be downloaded for free from the App Store of from Google Play. Don’t hesitate, check it out!

Google Play Download Link: Trump Rally

App Store Download Link: Trump Rally

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