Facebook followers have become a valuable social media marketing channel that can help improve your business awareness and popularity on the web. Social media advertisers now rely on getting more Facebook followers in order to build their social signals to the search engine. Growing the number of your followers can impact your business marketing performance but oftentimes it can involve a tedious process. Using mobile applications can help you enhance the process of getting Facebook followers that will benefit your business with the less effort. Not just for your business, even if you have an ordinary Facebook fanpage, there are apps on the App Store that can give you a hand.

We were well aware of the clutter on the App Store, so we took our time in checking out dozens of apps and we realized that only few of them were functioning the way they supposed to do. Among those that helped us gain followers for our Facebook page was an app called Fanpage Boost. This incredible iOS utility requires iOS 9.3 or later and it is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Thanks to its developers we have one of the easiest ways to get quality followers for our Facebook pages right here in our pockets. Besides, it is pretty easy to use and it has wonderful design.

There are various things that you can do with the Fanpage Boost app. For instance, you can simply invite users that have already liked your posts and engage them in being your customers. All you have to do is log into the app, select your fanpage through it, press the start button and you’re good to go. Then the app will scan your fanpage and it will send invitations to people who have liked your posts, but haven’t liked your page yet. This won’t cost you anything, just sit back and let Fanpage Boost do its job. You can forget about spending your precious time and money on advertising in order to increase your followers. You will stay completely anonymous as well, because the app doesn’t send invitations from your personal profile.

All you need is a valid Facebook account with at least one fanpage assigned and posts that have at least a few likes from people. Then you can download the Fanpage Boost app for only $3.99 from the App Store and enjoy its features!

App Store Download Link: Fanpage Boost

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