Children are able to use and understand technology at an early age. They know how to operate smartphones and tablets correctly and get into their favorite apps before they can speak. There is a sea of games available for every platform, but not all of them are appropriate for children. We have compiled a list of games for kids, and concluded that there are some silly games while others are educational, but most of them are completely child-safe and fun.

Many of these games come with in-app purchases. If your children don’t understand that they are paying with real money every time they tap one of these, it can cause real problems. This is why we were looking for a completely free game on the Google Play Store and of course, we’ve discovered the perfect one. It is called Crazy Garage, full of bright colors, lovely design and art-work and multiple features that can engage your children. And if you haven’t already heard or read somewhere, this game is among the top rated free online drawing games in Japan and US. Let’s see what exactly it offers.

Crazy Garage features two main actions: drawing and driving. Your kids will have the chance to design cars the way they want to. Just pick a car template and then choose the colors, add some cool stickers, design the tires, paint with brushes and pencils, use an eraser or the undo/redo button and many more. Then, when the whole design is done and when the car is ready, the game can begin. Your kid will be able to drive his newly designed car – by just tapping the left and right controls. Also, you can choose whether your kid likes to play on a night or on a day landscape and take screenshots or save the car designs in your device.

With over 10 car designs to get you started and new designs added every week, fun stickers, high quality themes and a racing game through a crazy garage, the app is free for download on Google Play.

Google Play Download Link: Crazy Garage


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