You want to play more games with and against your friends, but you’re using an iPhone and they’re on Android. It’s a predicament easily solved by choosing the right cross-platform game. Sony and Microsoft won’t let us compete against each other on our consoles, but Apple and Google have made it enticingly easy for developers to settle old scores. That means that there are ton of games that are available on both of the platforms, and we’re sharing with you one of them today.

What’s more fun than playing a game on your device, a game that will challenge you and relax you at the same time? We present to you an awesome game that was recently released on both the App Store and the Google Play Store, called Mr. Earthquake Pro. This fun-filled cross-platform game will provide you with hours of fun and keep you entertained with its unique gameplay, colorful backgrounds and awesome sounds and music.

When you install Mr. Earthquake Pro, you will be amazed of how great its gameplay is. You will be introduced with the coolest character ever, a character that will cheer for you and motivate you, but he will laugh at you whenever you’re losing the game. Your goal is to tilt your phone or tablet as fast as you can in order to win higher scores. You will have the ability to choose between three different difficulty levels: beginning, normal and expert. Each of them offers different time to play: 15, 30 and 60 seconds respectively. If you fail don’t lose your motivation, keep coming back and show your skills. Check your scores within the game’s online leaderboard if you want to play against people from all around the world and share them via Facebook. Invite your friends and family to join you and you will all together have the fun of your lives.

Accompanied with fun and cheerful music, Mr. Earthquake Pro is free of ads and can be downloaded from both the App Store and the Google Play Store.

App Store Download Link: Mr. Earthquake Pro

Google Play Download Link: Mr. Earthquake Pro

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