In this day and age where our phones, tablets and social media contacts infiltrate every aspect of our lives, it is not uncommon to find yourself with a very huge contacts list. Managing a huge contacts list is never easy especially when you are trying to communicate with your friends and business contacts quickly and easily. Contacts apps are a great solution for your iOS and Android device. There are tons of contacts apps on the App Store and on Google Play that allow you to effectively manage your contacts list so that you can easily find which contact you wish to use even if you have a large list.

So, here we share one of the best and one of the smartest cross-platform apps that can help you share contact information and set up meetings. This revolutionary productivity tool that we’re all hyped about is called 1code, brought to us by an amazing team who wanted to solve all our problems with exchanging contact information and help us with scheduling our meetings in a simplified way. We really appreciate their effort in making the app user friendly, with wonderful design and well-organized features.

1code allows its users to add their contact information within in, like their e-mail, mobile number, social media usernames and accounts, and then lets them share their customizable contact info to different groups of people, whether friends, family members or business contacts. And if the user changes his personal contact info, the selected group of contacts will have the updated information automatically.

Also, the 1code app features a simplified and awesome calendar that can be shared with anyone in the contact list, so they can know when you are busy or available. This way the scheduling of meetings is easy and requires minimal effort.

Ideal for students, active networkers, professionals, entrepreneurs, and anyone else who wants to have a revolutionary productivity tool, 1code can be downloaded from the App Store and from Google Play. Click the links below for more info!

App Store Download Link: 1code

Google Play Download Link: 1code

Official Website: 1code

YouTube Link: 1code

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