When we first played Furries – Swing On A Rope Jump we were impressed from the first moment. Now, after weeks of playing time and hanging out with all the cool furries characters and amazingly unexpected characters as enemies, we can review it and give our opinion.

First of all the user interface and the game play are the first characteristics that should earn critical acclaim. They are really well done and from the first moment you start playing the game, you will feel sense of enjoyment. The artwork, graphics and the whole idea behind this game is extremely unique and appealing. The whole concept and idea is creative and that what makes the game stand out from the many games in its category.

When you start the game, you will instantly recognize and learn the controls. With a simple tap your character will hang the rope and swing forward, when you swing it again it will move accordingly. The timely and precise taps are key to this game, so try to be as responsive and precise as possible.

The game has incredibly interesting obstacles and the way they show up is surprising and frustrating at moments. But this makes the game ultra-interesting and something that you will make you come for more and more.

There is a leaderboard for your achievements so try to frequently visit it and always give your best. Overall, the whole game is an enjoyable experience, something that anyone should try at least once. Get it for free on the App Store or Google Play.

App Store Download Link: Furries – swing on a rope jump

Google Play Download Link: Furries – swing on a rope jump

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