With the development of various technology trends in communication world people need to spruce up everything in a single app now iMessage has been opened up to developers in iOS 10. iMessage conversations are now mini playgrounds for app developers. You can use apps to do all sorts of things. Order group lunches, share cryptographic messages, even play small games.

Expressions of your desired feelings are now just possible in one tap by the wide range of iMessage available stickers both in static and animated format to add more spices to your feelings

How to express your feelings with a bacon

Mina Tadrous is a talented developer that has developed a set of bacon stickers named as wanna bacon? available on iTunes. As it’s cleared from the name like the bacon these set of stickers will make the iMessage better, too!

These tasteful and beautiful bacon stickers allow people to express themselves with a sense of humor, extra flavor, and give people a taste they will never forget. It’s unique, creative, funny, colorful, and has something for everyone.

But before you can do any of that, you’ll first need to know how to install iMessage apps, and how to use them.

How to Install?

1) Launch Messages and create a new conversation or tap an existing one in your conversation list.

2) Tap the App Store button to the left of the text field to open your app drawer.

3) Tap the App Shelf button in the bottom left corner, it resembles four ellipses in a grid.

4) Tap the Store button.

The built-in App Store for Messages pops up, letting you:

  • Browse for the wanna bacon? App

5) Find a wanna bacon? app by Mina Tadrous , then tap the Buy (it costs $0.99).The app will download to your device

iTunes preview link: Wanna bacon?

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