Slideshows are a great way to create presentations, compile photo montages, or even come up with other types of content. Although some slideshows use various other (proprietary) formats, creating a video slideshow is much more versatile – as not only will it be compatible with a wider range of devices, but you could also share it on social media and video streaming platforms more easily.


If you are looking for an easy way to create video slideshows that look great then Movavi Slideshow Creator for Mac will be right up your alley. It is a slideshow maker for Mac that is engineered so that it is both intuitive as well as user-friendly. Because of its approach, you will find that you’re able to get started immediately and create a slideshow in a matter of minutes – without needing any special skills to do so.

All that needs to be done to create the slideshow itself is to add the photos (or videos) that you want to use as slides to the software. To give you some creative clout that you can exercise in your slideshow, Movavi Slideshow Creator for Mac has several features that can be used to:

  • Link slides together with animated transitions that can be added individually between slides or automatically inserted with a single click.
  • Add background music to accompany your slideshow by choosing from the in-built selection of tunes or using music from your own collection.
  • Set up the slide timing so that it automatically syncs up and matches the tempo of the music.
  • Apply an assortment of visual effects and filters to give your slideshow a unique atmosphere.
  • Place text fields with unique styles to create captions, watermarks, titles, and so on.
  • Record a voiceover narration on the spot using a microphone and add it to the slideshow.
  • Cut your video into segments as required to remove any parts or rotate slides so that they are uniform.
  • Improve the quality of the photos and videos in your slideshow by manually adjusting them or using the automated features to do so.

As you can see you should have more than enough tools at your disposal to create a slideshow that really does look special. With just a few dashes of creativity you could even use Movavi Slideshow Creator for Mac to create a professional-looking video presentation for work, or to share online as content.

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