The Camera Painting program is a very simple program to use. It installed without any issues. On initial power-up, you are presented with a screen of paintings (large icons) that are separated into multiple groups, based on price. You can scroll through the list which goes from Starter Paintings, which are free through to more difficult packages which can cost as much as $3.99. All of the paintings, which are paid for, have a lock icon on them and are not open for you until you pay.

Along the bottom of the screen, you can choose to either “Restore” your selections or “Help”. If you choose “Help”, a new window pops up, which displays a one screen help menu, which is more than enough, since the application is extremely easy to use. Pressing on a picture, starts the application. The initial screen here brings up a “Help” screen, which you must tap to start. You have a large magnifying glass surrounded by a color wheel. The colors on the wheel represent each of the colors in the picture that you selected. Above the magnifying glass is a blank screen, which will eventually become the picture that you chose.

The object here is to walk around the room that you are in and find objects that have the colors that are present in your wheel. You find the colors by lining the image up with your camera. If you need more light, along the top row is an icon of a flash light. Pressing it, turns on the light. As you find a color in the wheel, you get a check mark for that color, and that places in the picture that match that color get filled in above the magnifying glass. You continue to do this until your picture is complete, or you get tired walking around.

Overall, it is a cute application for the first few minutes. After that, for me, it got boring really fast. I am not sure what the overall purpose of this application is. Maybe it is good for children to learn their colors, but even here, it will get expensive quickly. The application worked well and without issue.


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