We all love platform games. Platform games (or platformers) are mobile games which involve guiding an avatar or character to jump or slide between suspended platforms and/or over obstacles to advance the game. Usually, the player controls the jumps to avoid letting the main characters fall from platforms or get destroyed by an obstacle.

If you love such games, then you’ll most definitely love the game we will talk about today – Gravity Cactus. This fresh game is one of those games that you’ll want to play each day until you beat your own high score. It has that great gaming feature in it.

The storyline is based around the cactus character named Jack (the game features another cool character in the name of Steve). The goal of the game is to avoid all triangles that are coming to you as the cactus is constantly moving.  The gravity and the physics of the game are what make this game addictive and easy to play. You can enjoy it anywhere on the go and still have fun!

One interesting feature of the game is that it is soundless. It doesn’t want to destruct you from your everyday gaming so you can play It on the go with ease. Or simply play your own favorite music and play Gravity Cactus until you beat your own high score.

At the end of the day this is a free fun arcade endless physics game. The timely taps, concertation and continuous great performance are the key to achieve high score. How long can you manage to keep the Gravity Cactus alive in this endless platform game. Get it for free on the App Store.

App Store Download Link: Gravity Cactus

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