Kids love tablets. In fact, according to Nielsen, 7 out of 10 children in tablet-owning households have used a slate. The big question is what apps you should download for Junior, whether you are looking to give your children a head start in math or reading, an app to get their creative juices flowing or a family-family game to kill some time on the way to grandma’s house. We combed through all the app stores for every platform to find the best app for kids and we ended up with one of the best new take care of animal games: Flying Chick2. The game actually combines mini kids games in a cute and interesting way.

The Story Line

Flying Chick2 for kids is a story about chick who wants to fly, and you have to use your tapping controls to help him to complete his goal. In addition, you have to take care of his food and you should have to make it sure that he is always clean. If you found him dirty, you can easily select the soap icon from the bottom of game screen and using your swipe controls, you can clean him up.

There are also some mini addictive and challenging games included in the game pack, which can be played by tapping the play button on the screen, here you can choose between six different mini games. These can help you to collect the food for your chick and some gold coins that can be used to purchase new costumes and the game screen environment.

There is also an option for sharing your score with your friends or with other game center players. The game statistics are well defined and you can compete both with players around the globe or your social networking friends.

The graphics and sounds truly define it a best action game. Download it today free on your Android devices and have some fun. Direct download link to the app is given below:

Google Play Download Link: Flying Chick2 for kids

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