Many of us have dreamed about becoming pilots and flying through the sky, defying gravity and speed. Learning to fly takes a lot of effort, but thanks to flight simulators and flight games, you can still enjoy the thrill of operating a plane even if you are not a qualified pilot. There is a great selection of games, which give you the possibility of turning your mobile device into your personal flight simulator. We have chosen the flying game, Missile Warning this time.

Why this is an ultra-exciting plane fight simulator

Missile Warning is one of the best and entertaining game for fun and its totally free for everyone, Enjoy this game with your smartphone. Fly your plane when missiles are trying to shoot you down. Destroy them all missiles before they destroy your plane. Control the plane with joystick on whole screen, Steer the plane to collect stars and avoid missiles.

Save these coins purchase new and upgraded planes in the game. The game also notifies you about the upcoming object, if you see red arrow pointing on either side of the screen it warning about the upcoming missile from that direction, the orange arrow indicates the presence of star in that direction and the blue arrow points the availability of some shield in that direction.

Use your best strategies and fast reflexes to steer your plane in the perfect direction. The game seems to be easy in the start but as the time passes, it becomes difficult and challenging and you have to dodge more than one missile at a time. These missiles also blast when they collide with each other.

You can also share your best scores with your friends from the game. the game leaderboards also give you the chance to compete with your score worldwide. There are also achievements to be unlocked. You can also earn about ten stars by watching an ad of 25secs.

If you love flying simulator game app, then this one is the perfect option for you. It’s free to install and is compatible with all of your Android devices. Direct download link to the game is given below:

Google Play Download Link: Missile Warning

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