Keeping up your health can be hard work. These days, we spend countless hours gawking at our smartphone displays, continually playing borderline-addicting games and watching videos that may actually have adverse effects on our health in the end. However, your smartphone can also be robust medical accessory with the right intrigue and set of mobile apps. There is a variable swath of free and premium medical apps on the market and for this review; we have selected the best useful app for your device and that is available by the name BrainSoar.

BrainSoar is a medical app for everyone that helps you to prevent Alzheimer’s and dementia. This app is very simple to use and has the best interface so any one can easily use it.  The app allows you to select between two different sessions to exercise your brain: Calculation session in which you have to use basic arithmetic operation to calculate the result between two numbers, while the other session is about subtractions of numbers subsequently until the answer is zero.

For each calculation or subtraction session, you will get the dictation of problems through computerized voice, which make it best to use this app while you are taking some physical exercise, walking or running. The app features to run in the background while you are using other apps on your device.

The settings for these sessions are quite customizable, you can set the interval for automatic answer by the app, the speed of dictation and from the screen, and you can change the time interval for each session. For better results, we recommended using this app once a day or 3 times a week and you will definitely feel improvement about your memory.

So, what you are waiting for, install it today for your iOS OS devices and never let the Alzheimer reaches your healthy brain.

App Store Download Link: BrainSoar: Prevent Alzheimer’s disease – Dual Task Training

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