Postcards and greeting cards are not as popular as they once were, but they aren’t obsolete either. In fact, some people would appreciate a personalized card a lot more than, let’s say, a generic birthday greeting on their Facebook wall.

Sure, sending a card takes time: you have to find the perfect one for the occasion, and then you have to sign it and mail it. However, by the development of some awesome postcard and greeting card apps now the whole process much easier. Have a look at this review, about MyPostcard app to have the best-personalized postcard making and sending app for your device.

MyPostcard is an app that uses your photos to create and send real personalized postcards, greeting cards and much more… this app is very simple and easy to use and within few clicks you can create postcards, printed real photos and greetings cards from your smartphones. MyPostcard allows you to create a wide range of greeting cards covering all of your precious occasions.

Standout features:

  • It has the widest range of selected templates and beautiful designs to choose from.
  • Free world-wide delivery no matter wherever you are; only you have to pay $2.99 as the printing charges.
  • Get the highly enriched quality prints for your favorite photos.
  • Easy payment option: either use PayPal or your Credit card that is supporting MasterCard or Visa card feature.
  • Share your best designs on your social media to share with your friends.
  • Instagram integration added to pick a photo directly from there and put it on your Postcard

With these best features, it is the easiest way to share memories, and make someone’s day! Have it for your device today, direct download links to the recommended stores for your devices are present at the end.

App Store Download Link: MyPostcard

Google Play Download Link: MyPostcard


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