Although mobile data and Wi-Fi are easier to come by than ever, there are still times (on vacation or at the end of the month) when you are in the e-dark and in need of an app, which works offline. In other cases, it might be a matter of privacy. On Android, there are loads of great apps that function quite well offline. Here in this review we have brought a video sharing app, Videmic offline video sharing.

What is Videmic?

Videmic is the video sharing based platform that allows you to share or receive videos in full HD quality no matter where ever you are and the amazing thing is that, this whole process does not require an internet connection. The app uses the embedded Wi-Fi of your device to enable the peer-to-peer communication directly from device to device.

How it works?

Now, get the videos from fashion show, sport events, clubs and music concerts straight into your smartphone and the best thing is that you can watch these videos anywhere offline. It sends videos by matching similar hash tags and you will still receive videos even if your mobile is in your pocket. All you need is record the videos and upload it to the app and put a certain hashtag.

In addition, if you want to share videos from your phone, you can do that within few steps using P2P communication and all you have to do is again make hash tags that your friends will use. The app do not use any data of your phone you can even transmit video if there is no network.

Download this app today and join the fast growing video sharing community. It is compatible with Android and you can install without paying for it. Direct download link to the app is given at the end.

Great new updates come with the new version of Videmic. Now users can add Video recommendations for download. Users can also subscribe to channels of your stars and download their videos for watching them with the Videmic offline video player. It still remains one of the best offline video players.

Google Play Download Link: videmic offline video sharing

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