Ciao! Holla! Hey! Learning a second or even a third language is being shown to improve memory and aid in brain development. In order for your child to reap these benefits, however, they should start speaking a second language before they turn seven.

While you may consider enrolling them in a class or buying a textbook, children can easily begin to master a new language using your cell phone or tablet. From translated tales to coloring books or illustrations, these apps put your little one on the path to becoming a multilingual prodigy. This time we are here with an app for your little one by the name iCat.

What is iCat?

ICat is the best way to teach your children about the names of animals in Spanish and English. The app uses an innovative way of combining fun animations and education. It helps your kids to learn these both languages in delightful way with striking and colorful graphics.

How it works?

This app has a smartly designed work plan to satisfy the basic need for your kid’s education. There are more than 30+ interactive features with listening pronunciations, and spellings. There are many more feature to attract your kid like, amusing sounds that will naturally enable your kid to pick these names in an enjoyable way and they will love to use this app.

The app uses an attractive method of teaching so you kids can expand their vocabulary and concentration skills. The pronunciations are available in the voices of actors from these two countries so your kid can also practice pronunciations as well.

It is the best educational app for your kid, which makes learning vocabulary in the easiest and joyful way. Download it today and give your kids the best ever gift if you care for them. It is compatible on both iOS and MAC. Download links are present at the end.

App Store Download Link: iCat Learn Spanish & English

Mac App Store: iCat Learn Spanish & English

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