Cherpake’s Remote Control, Keyboard & trackpad for MAC is a very simple program to use. It requires installation of applications’ on both your iPhone/iPad and your MAC computer. They provide step by step directions for both, which worked flawlessly. They require no previous knowledge at all on either device to get it accomplished. Next, once the applications are installed on both devices, the iPhone application looks through your WiFi network and automatically finds your MAC computer, again, without you doing anything at all!

The initial screen provides you with a menu list, the top item is the name of the MAC that you want to control. Below this are a series of other choices which includes, “Rate the App”, “Help”, “Settings”, and “Unlock Features”, which is for the in-app purchases.

The basic app controls the volume, keyboard, trackpad, disc drive, etc. When you go into the menu item to control your MAC, you are presented with a rotary dial to control the volume; identical to the volume control on the original iPods. It worked perfectly. It displayed the percentage volume, going higher by rotating clockwise and going lower rotating counter clockwise. Along the top row of the screen from left to right are: 3 bars, to go back to the main menu; the name of the MAC that you are controlling; a mute button for the sound; and an icon to choose different skins for the volume knob. Just below the volume knob are the standard buttons for controlling the rewind, play/pause, forward and stop functions of a movie. Below these, were a list of different function icons: “volume”, “Keyboard & Trackpad”, “Apps” and “More”.

The “Keyboard & Trackpad” screen displays the following control icons: 3 bars to go to the main menu, the name of the MAC that is being controlled, “F1” to display the function keys that are on the keyboard; “keyboard display” to display the keyboard for input; a “Full Screen” button; a “pointer” button.  The keyboard is the same one as displayed in any iPhone application that requires character input and should be familiar to all. The function key display is unique, but perfectly matches the keyboard on the MAC, so, again, it is very self-explanatory.

In all of the above cases, the entire center of your screen remains dark and is used as your trackpad. It works exactly the same way that the MAC trackpad does, right down to the same finger gestures.

The “Apps” icon displaces the taskbar along the bottom of the MAC. Each available application has its’ own icon. To run the application, just tap the icon, it’s that simple.

The “more” button displays a screen lists all of the control functions, such as, “sleep”, “restart”, “screen brightness”, etc. Every single one worked as expected.

The application controls were very easy to understand and navigate. I never once needed to go to the “Help” menu to get something to work or to figure out where something was to control something.

Overall, this application worked flawlessly. I would give this application a rating on 1000 on a scale of 0 to 100. Well done!

Remote Control for Mac
Remote Control for Mac
Developer: Evgeny Cherpak
Price: $4.99

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