As long as smartphones have cameras, people will take nude selfies. But when the steamy sexting game is over, keeping risqué photos in your phone’s camera album is an awkward moment waiting to happen. Not only that, things are worst when you send a private photo and you are not certain what the other person will do with it. Will he/she share it, keep it, view it or delete it? No more worries about that or any other photo you will share. Today we will present you ON/OFF Photo, app that will spare you from all these uncomfortable situations.

What is ON/OFF Photo?

In general, ON/OFF Photo is an app that gives you complete control over photo that’s already been sent out via your messaging apps. Thus, ON/OFF Photo creates possibility for those who want to reverse hitting “send”, this exposure prevention happens in real-time.

The app is very intuitive, fast and efficient. You’ll be surprised of how fast the app can give you control over the photo. With a simple switch you’ll be able to delete the photo. It is great how the app combines control with flexibility, with a simple on/off switch!

Additional Features

Besides the basic feature of deleting photos that have already been sent out, users also can get instant notifications when someone is looking at your photo. When you send a photo you can chat about it with your friends and family. The app also guarantees automatic exposure prevention.

At the end of the day, this is a pretty useful app, and its great functionality just makes it amazing. It is always great to have such app on your iPhone, so get it for free on the App Store.

App Store Download Link: ON/OFF Photo

Iridium Studio (ON/OFF Photo developers):

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