Fad diets and fitness gizmos aside, there are many helpful tools available for people who are trying to lose or manage their weight. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than a third of people in the United States are obese, and many more are overweight. This puts millions at a heightened risk for conditions such as diabetes and heart disease. Losing weight is typically a matter of improving your diet and increasing physical activity. However, that is easier said than done. The following review may be able to help. We have brought an app, 90 Day Diet Free – Lose Weight app for your smartphones.

What is 90 Day Diet Free – Lose Weight?

90 Day Diet Free – Lose Weight is your smart weight loss companion app developed for both iOS and Android devices. It has menus and recipes to tell you, how to use carbohydrates in your diet, how to use protein in your diet, how to use starch in your diet, how to cope with the fruit only days and how to cope with the water days. It also gives you an idea about calorie free foods, ideal for little snacks, although this diet does not count calories. In addition to the diet, you will find How to take gentle exercise and how painlessly be a little more active. By using visualization for weight loss, you can easily find your progress for this weight loss session of 90 days.

Then if you continue afterwards with a healthier lifestyle and a little exercise then you could easily drop a couple of pounds a month for long term weight loss with very little effort. If you follow this diet, you will find that it is not only kind to your stomach, it is rich in all the vitamins and minerals you need. However, the real magic is that it should change your metabolism so that when you have done your 90 days the weight does not pile back on.

The promise is that this diet changes your life by changing your metabolism and changing the way you look at food and how you eat. The theory is that this diet will not only help you to lose weight, but it will help those with high blood pressure and other weight related illnesses to come off their medications. This app features the complete diet explained with day chart and food combining chart. Sign up for a daily reminder of your food day with menu tips.  This easy to use app is available in both Pro and Free version and you can avail any one of them depends upon how much features you require.

App Store Download Link: 90 Day Diet Free – Lose Weight (Free)

App Store Download Link: 90 Day Diet Free – Lose Weight (Pro)

Google Play Download Link: 90 Day Diet Free – Lose Weight (Free)

Google Play Download Link: 90 Day Diet Free – Lose Weight (Pro)

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