Back before the age of smartphones and Android tablets, many people used to play games in an actual arcade. The migration onto our handheld devices has been a successful one, with some of the greatest games often those, which are incredibly simple and allow us to pick-up-and-play as and when we want, without having to worry about an over-complicated story line.

The beauty of arcade games is their simple mechanics, with some of the most popular Android games being the likes of Angry Birds and Doodle Jump. These are two fine examples of arcade gaming at its finest (although nothing will quite beat the days of Tetris and Space Invaders!) Look at this review about, Orbii.

What is Orbii?

Orbii is an endless arcade game for lovers of games like, arcade, casual, sci-fi and action endless runner’s games. You enter into the situation where the force shield in the space is under attacked by devastating waves from the enemies and you are all-in-all to protect this force shield and successfully defend each enemy attack these waves are in blue or green color. In addition, you will see some indestructible moving towards that force shield but you should have to avoid these.

It comes up with vibrant colors and fast-paced gameplay. The situation here will feel familiar to the classic arcade gamer, but the game itself is a wonderful visual spectacle on top of the addictive gameplay that will keep players coming back for more turns, over and over again.

It additionally offers you an opportunity to impart your score to your companions and you can contend on worldwide leaderboards. This game is accessible free for your gadgets and you can have it for your device from the link introduce toward the end.

Google Play Download Link: Orbii

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