Super Zombie puncher for iPhone/iPad adopts an alternate strategy than the TV shows and films they originate from. As opposed to destroy zombies with rifles and automatic weapons, here you simply punch them; and punch them until its amusement over – truly.

What it offers?

The super zombie puncher offers you over twelve Zombies and intriguing weapons. The stock amusement takes into account the most fundamental of weapons (your first) and the most essential Zombie, “Cerebrum Deaddy”. As the title of the amusement suggests, you punch the Zombie more than once until it is punched out. You begin with its unique face and punches will gradually wound it up until it turns purple and a wide range of hues. When you achieve your objective punch (which with Brain Deaddy is 100), you win.

Some Amazing Feature

Punching out Zombies brings you more coins. More coins can open better weapons and cooler looking Zombies. Not surprisingly, these “cooler” zombies require more punches, so remember that. Different weapons incorporate “Substantial Glove of Destruction”, “Merciless Cuffs Of Blood” and “Thor’s Hammer”. Different Zombies incorporate “Kim Karzombie”, “Kazombie West” and “Raszombie”. With every Zombie comes a distinctive ambient melody. The support track is professionally done without a doubt and includes a pleasant touch.

On the off chance that you are searching for complex gameplay, you will not discover it here. This is about tossing punches. When you consolidate the zombie sorts, cutting edge backing tracks and cool characters, you get a decent basic fun diversion with extraordinary representation. For this situation, it is all you require. On the off chance that you are focused on, why not thump some individual out, that some person ought to be a Zombie!

Appstore Download Link: Super Zombie Puncher

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