Here is the scenario. You are traveling to your hometown on a public transport. Suddenly your smart phone beeps. You friend has WhatsApp you regarding his promotion. What you do? You can call him. On the other hand, reply on WhatsApp with a beautiful message combined with some smiley. However, nothing beats a personalized image, which your friend likes & keeps it forever. Therefore, you can retrieve a picture of both of you and scramble on that. Nevertheless, do you have a tool to do that? In your PC, you have a basic photo-editor in the way of Microsoft Paint. But in your smart phone? So here, we have a wonderful Android app named Paintastic – draw, color, paint.

What is Paintastic – draw, color, paint?

Paintastic – draw, color, and paint has a very easy to use interface. In the top you have Undo, Redo button along with menu icon. Please note that you can do five undo or redo. Therefore, for every change or two, you got see that it is satisfactory or undo that change.

In the bottom, you have the toolbox. Just scroll the toolbox to see how many features Paintastic have. Holding a tool will give additional setting for that tool. By default, paintbrush tool is, selected. The color, which the tool is currently having, is, given as the color of the toolbox border.

The menu contains all the required options like open, save, share, set picture as profile photo to various apps on your smart phone. Then there are options to share this fantastic Paintastic app to user friends and family using social media options. Just like every paint apps, Paintastic too requires efforts to learn it.

So what is stopping you to download it? Simply click the link present at the end and show your creativity. It is free to download and compatible with Android OS devices.

Google Play Download Link: Paintastic – draw, color, paint

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