If you are in the market for a free online pool game, Pool Strike has you covered. Instead of offering every kind of pool under the sun, the billiard game maintains a steely focus and delivers exactly what it sets out to deliver a simple, well-made online game of standard 8-ball pool.

How it works?

Probably the most off-putting thing about 8 Ball Pool is that you have to be online to play. There are no single-player mode or computer opponents, so every match you play is against a real-life person, and takes place in real time. If one player leaves the game, they have a handful of seconds to come back, or else they forfeit and lose the match.

Some amazing features

It is a basic pool game.to get started first you have to create an account either using your existing Facebook account or you can also play with guest account. The control mechanics are simple and intuitive, and set up so you will never take a shot on accident.

Some minor flourishes are included, like a chat mechanism and friend request features that were never, offered before by any game of the same king, which means along with an amazing pool experience there is also an opportunity for you to make new friends around the globe. As you play, you gain experience points and level up. Reaching certain levels opens new venues. This just means different decorative wood, the entry fees– line the pool tables, and potential rewards– are greater.

At various regular times, you are awarded free coins, or you can purchase them in batches using real money. You can also purchase single-use power-ups that extend your aim guides, or increase your maximum spin and overall power.

Overall, Pool Strike is a solid 8 ball pool game well worth picking up for pool fans. It is available for both iOS and android and you can have it for your devices without any cost. Direct download links to the app are, given at the end.

App Store Download Link: Pool Strike

Google Play Download Link: Pool Strike

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