Celebrity Hollywood is a very simple game. Installation went without a hitch. The startup screen provides you with two choices,  “PLAY” and “STORE”. Pressing “STORE” leads you to a second screen, prompting you to purchase the “Full Game”.  Along the bottom of the screen there are two buttons, “Go Back” and “Continue”. Pressing “Go Back” brings you to the start-up screen. Pressing “Continue”, brings you to the “Departures” screen.  This is the same screen that you would arrive at if you press “PLAY” from the start-up screen.

On the departures screen, you are presented with a board that is reminiscent of a departure board in an airport. You have four listings: “Hollywood”, Beverly Hills”, “Miami” and “Buy Full Game”. Along the bottom you have 3 buttons, “EXIT”, which brings you back to the start-up screen; “AWARDS & STATS”, which brings you to the “CELEB-CHITTER” screen; and “HELP”, which gives you two large buttons, one which redirects you to the kungfutakeaway.com website for game support, and the second brings you to the Celebrity Hollywood Facebook page.

The “CELEB-CHITTER” screen provides you with a view of all of the game tracked statistics. These include: Money earned, number of followers, movie awards, music awards, workout points, bad press, dates, red carpet events, fashion shows, a-list parties and nightclub VIP. You collect these different awards by playing the game.

To play the game, you press on one of the “unlocked” destinations on the “Departures” board.  This takes you to a street in “Hollywood”, as your first stop. You gather points/dollars by going into the different stores on the street and purchasing the different items and pressing on the flashing movie artifacts in the street. You go into the different stores by pressing the “ENTER” buttons that are flashing on their doors. Along the top of the screen is a display of your current “game level”, accumulated dollars, and number of followers, and a pause button. Pressing the pause button, stops the background noise and displays a “RESUME” button. You start out at the left side of the street and navigate through the use of two arrows, one at the left top of the screen, just below the banner and the other at the right top. If you cannot move any further in a particular direction, the arrow does not display. Along the bottom left is an exclamation mark. If there is information that you need to know about, icons appear next to this. Pressing the icons, provides you with information that you need to play the game. There are 11 different store fronts, and entry is controlled by your current level of play. Level of play is advanced through the purchase of the different items in the stores, going on dates, and doing the screen plays. These are available in their respective stores.

When you get to the correct level, you are able to leave the street that you are on by going to the “airport”. The button for this is on the far-right side of the street.  Pressing this tells you the next destination and provides you with two buttons, “RETURN” and “AIRPORT”. Pressing “AIRPORT” takes you to the “DEPARTURES” screen, where you can press on the next destination.

When you do so, you go to the next street, and start out at the left-most side. Again, you have a similar setup with different store fronts, that you need to enter, make purchases or do things. These either deplete you monies or add to them dependent on the activity.

Overall this is a pretty mindless game that is easy to use. However, it was not a perfect implementation. Once during game play, my phone rang, which caused the game to freeze and need to be restarted. On another occasion, I was entering a store, and the game just restarted. Luckily in both cases, I recovered to the exact point that I had left off at. Outside of these two events, the game worked well. Unless there are endless screens and different types of adventures as you continue to play, this gets boring very quickly. Leave it for the young teens!

Celebrity Hollywood
Celebrity Hollywood
Price: Free+

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