Smartphones are one of the most used devices for gaming today after consoles beating the conventional gaming done on PCs. Moreover, as a fun fact, Gaming helps reduce stress, enhance coordination and increase your memory. Though not an ideal way of spending time according to our parents, playing games on a smartphone can help you get that perfect escape from the real world in no time. Today, we have picked up a game app, Stickman Legends.

What is Stickman Legends?

Stickman Legends is the legendary action game that takes you straight to the battlefield where you have to fight against the demon forces because the demon has spread the darkness throughout the whole universe and is trying to destroy the peaceful land. In the game, you will encounter about 60 types of different enemies but do not worry as you have the option to improve the skills of your character too. The game comes up with different environments from the epic world that you will love and the thing that makes the gameplay more attractive is that your character has amazing attacking skills that you will hardly find in most of the action games.

Engaging Features

  • Fantastic graphics and awesome effects
  • The controls are easy to navigate character
  • The possibility to update and upgrade your hero
  • A wide range of enemies
  • Good voice commands and sound effects
  • Works offline

So what else do you need have it today for your iOS or Android devices without any cost from the links present at the end of this review.

App Store Download Link: Stickman Legends

Google Play Download Link: Stickman Legends

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