Kids love tablets. In fact, according to Nielsen, 7 out of 10 children in tablet-owning households have used a slate. The big question is what apps you should download for Junior, whether you are looking to give your children a head start in math or reading, an app to get their creative juices flowing or a family-family game to kill some time on the way to grandma’s house. We combed through all the app stores for every platform (from iPad and Google Play to Kindle and Windows) to name the best app for kids and we ended up with, Monty Monkey and Friends education app for your preschoolers.

What is Monty Monkey and Friends?

Monty Monkey and Friends  is a “free” kids’ media app where Kids can draw, play some games, and listen to a few songs without subscribing, but there are only a couple of shows available for free for most better experience you have to avail its in-app purchases that not more worthy than the knowledge it delivers. There are a few fun activities, such as the painting that are necessary to polish the creativity of kid, you can also find some puzzles with easy to use controls that can be easily handled by your young ones.

Engaging Features

  • Its simplicity, make the app appealing for the kiddos
  • Baby nursery rhymes have been, selected for this application has gone a long way in increasing the interest factor for children.
  • The brilliant explosion of colors, vivid sounds, and striking images encourage kids to be curious about remarkable details in conventional surroundings
  • It features beautifully illustrated games that engages your child in a series of shape matching puzzles that are based on captivating themes
  • The game-play will refine their shape matching abilities, motor skills and hand-eye coordination
  • The vivid puzzle scenes will broaden their imagination

Well in few words, this app with interactive learning activities is the perfect gift for your growing kid to teach him something productive. Download it today free for iOS based devices from the link given below:

App Store Download Link: Monty Monkey and Friends

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