Over the last few years, mobile phones have very quickly moved from being a low-end casual gaming platform to challenging the console markets. One style of games that spans pretty much every genre in the market is casual games.

These are games where the environment and elements interact in a simulated real-life manner with mass, density and gravity all impacting the outcome of the gamer is actions. These day the inherent touch-based interface of most new mobile games and the built-in accelerometers, which are pretty much, a necessity in most phones these days. Therefore, that made us today to reveal casual game, Crane.

What is Crane?

 Crane is the new game app for Android OS devices that will fulfill your dreams of being a tower crane operator. In this game, you will have your abilities tested as a crane operator to perform construction jobs, but requiring maintaining safety as a main issue. It offers you an addictive game play, once you have started playing it, you just cannot stop playing

However, this game is not so easy that it seems. The crane moves fast normally and sometime it is rarely slow, be careful about changes in the speed, do not drop a block into the air or this game will be lost. Show all your attentiveness; you need to have an excellent agility and patience to succeed in the missions offered through the game.

Crane is an exciting strategy tower-crane game with stunning design. This tower game allows you to improve your reaction skills and spend time with pleasure. Download it today free for your android and have the best casual game that will keep you engaged for hours. Click the link below to download.

Google Play Download Link: Crane

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