There are number of apps gaining support for the platform TV serials and movies watching apps. Whether you already own an Android TV device, or are starting to consider picking one up, there are a number of staple apps you should install. Some offer-improved functionality, while others lead the way in performance. Either way, they are the must-have tools for ones who like to watch different TV series to spend their leisure time. Well for this review, we have also picked an app from the same category named, Television Binge Calculator.

What is Television Binge Calculator?

Television Binge Calculator is the app that will make you TV shows watching experience more enhanced and will help you to manage the time to enjoy your favorite series without any commercial breaks. If you wonder how much of your life you will devote to your next binge-watching endeavor, then head to Television Binge Calculator and perform this three-step process:

  1. Enter the name of a show.
  2. Choose the number seasons for which you would like to calculate a total runtime.
  3. Hit the arrow button to see the total days, hours, and minutes required of you.

Key Features

  • Provides you variety of options to select between different streaming provides
  • Material design
  • Easy to use interface with perfect navigation
  • Powerful search toolbar
  • You can enter multiple shows to receive a combined total
  • Comes up with fine tuning option to give you the exact timing

So, what else you need load it with wasting a second on your device and don’t worry its free of cost. Direct download link to the app is present below.

Google Play Download Link: Television Binge Calculator

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