You know those times when you are on the bus or the MRT, and you are holding onto the handrail with one hand while trying to play your iPhone game on the other to pass the time? Some games just are not that good for playing without both hands, but we need not to be, deprived of our entertainment on the long journey home. Here is a review for new iOS game, Wild Wheel – Super Fast Spin Game that you can play with just one hand, without taking into account the size of your phone.

What is Wild Wheel – Super Fast Spin Game?

Wild Wheel – Super Fast Spin Game is a thrilling single tap game with endless gameplay, which means you do not have to unlock the levels nor you have to follow a boring story line. It is completely straightforward game where you play as long as you survive and keep on following the objective. Where as in the game your objective is to match the same colors, means that you have to tap the screen right at the moment, when a fast spinning needle points the part of the circle colored with the same color as on that needle.

Engaging Features

  • Simple, yet best and attractive graphics
  • It will really boost your attention and reflexes
  • The game offers simple and easy to understand controls
  • It works offline
  • It is lightweight and battery friendly

The game offers many other productive features that you can reveal just by downloading this game app free on your iOS OS devices from the link given below this review.

App Store Download Link: Wild Wheel – Super Fast Spin Game

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