Cut to the very core of mobile gaming, and you would probably find the puzzle genre beating away as its heart. It is all about simple problem solving, with all the flab trimmed away. Do not let that lead you to believe that all of the best iOS puzzlers are generic or throwaway, however. To the contrary, there are some dazzlingly rich and immersive puzzle games on the App Store, folding in such diverse elements as RPG mechanics and rich narratives. Indeed, as we head deeper into 2017, there’s no more varied or accomplished a genre than the iOS puzzler. Here in this review we have brought you a game app, Leverage – Connect 3 Balance Battle.

What is Leverage – Connect 3 Balance Battle?

Leverage– Connect 3 Balance Battle is the game from the classic puzzling games based on concept of real physics. The game supports two gaming modes of game play i.e., story mode where you will have to follow the map to proceed through the story and clear the particular level to unlock next one and the score-chasing mode where you will have to play as much as you can until you fail.

Well now coming towards the gameplay, in both of these modes the main job you have to perform is to manage the scale loaded with weights and keep it balance equally on both sides. If you start to lose your balance, make a quick recovery and keep your stance firm to come out the victory.

Well the controls for the game are simple swipe controls. Moreover, the game offers stunning graphics with cools background sounds. So what you are waiting for? Just hold your smartphone and start you this rescue puzzle adventure today. This game app is available free to download and is compatible with iOS OS devices. Direct download link to the game app is present below.

App Store Download Link: Leverage – Connect 3 Balance Battle

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