Launched few weeks ago, Holo – Ai location messages is an iOS and Android application that helps its users to leave messages at specific areas for themselves or for different users. The previously mentioned message can be an individual one, a story, a memory or an experience. On reaching a specific area where a message is, planned for them, users are, whispered with the correct message.

Holo – Ai location messages empowers sharing of messages as users or organizations as they can post important data about specific areas that it considers valuable. It can be a ticket or flight data, up and coming activity, travel guides, bargains from bistros and eateries.

How it works?

Holo – Ai location messages obliges you to enter your cell phone contact number to the join. Users can then interface and begin the area informing. Users can limit themselves to private talk, however Holo can possibly make any city abundantly progressed the extent that being carefully shrewd is concerned. Organizations can utilize it to make offers and rebates and send messages to Holo users close to their areas. Establishments and landmarks can likewise go under its domain by posting imperative information.

Holo – Ai location messages aims to make it easy for users to get information as and when they need them. For the business users this app cost only $0.01 per notification, otherwise the app is free to download and is functioning with both iOS and Android. The relevant download links are present at the end of this review.

App Store Download Link: Holo – Ai location messages.

Google Play Download Link: Holo – Ai location messages.

Holo for Business users: Holo for business

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