What do you really mean when you say, “I am a big fan of yours or I am a big fan of something?” Do you really mean it or just doing formality to describe your status? It is easy to say this, but difficult to prove it. If you are a big fan of someone or something, then you must have a good knowledge of each and everything about that person or the thing. Otherwise, it is irrelevant to say that!

Here is a test for you! If you say that, I love films and I am a big fan of movies than nobody can underestimate you. I am sure you have never thought of an app earlier like this one. You can test your film knowledge with this amazing gaming app called “Popcorn Trivia”.

What is PopcornTrivia?

PopcornTrivia is a game app that has been specifically, crafted for all the movie buffs out there. This app is very simple to download and no Login is required to use the app. When you start the game, you have to spin the wheels and select a film, according to your taste and whose trivia you think you have the best chance of answering. There are varieties of movies through which you can test your overall cinema smarts.

You can play the game in either arcade mode or its multiplayer mode. It is, called popcorn trivia because in this you will earn popcorns, which are, considered as points, with every answer you give correctly. If you play with other players in its multiplayer mode, then you earn points and special film crew ranks, which allow you to climb the Leaderboard. You can host your own game show using a wide range of movies across all genres, challenge your friends, and test your film knowledge.

This game is super-addictive and entertaining too. The app is easy to use and has a user-friendly interface. The graphics are adorable and the background sounds are amazing. So are you ready to walk down the red carpet? What are you waiting for? Stop reading and download the app. Take the quiz now! Test whether you are a real fan of cinema or not. Go for it! This app is available free in the iTunes Store. Direct download link to this game app is present below.

App Store Download Link: PopcornTrivia

Developer: CustomPlay
Price: Free+

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