Looking for a new and fresh game to pass your time. Something unique and interesting that you have never encountered before? Then, look no further because we have to best solution for you in Hungry Black Hole.

Prevent the comet to collide with Earth
Hungry Black Hole it’s an interesting platform adventure game that will offer a lot of fun and if challenge you in the same time. In this game you are on the mission to save the world. You have to be the hero and prevent a certain large comet to collide with the Earth, by changing its orbit using a mini black hole.

This mini hole is too small and powerless in the beginning and you have to grow it quickly to be able to change the orbit. But be careful, this mini black hole eats only a specific type of candy.

Your mission is to remove the obstacles from that special candy scatter all over the place, so that the mini black hole can eat it.

It has very simple controls, you can play ii, using just one finger. So, to get started you have to select the proper bomb. Touch and drag to aim on any place of the screen.

Multiple solution to finish a level

There are multiple solutions to beat to finish a level. If you think that you have found a unique and interesting way to clear the level, you can share a video of your gameplay to brag before your friends. Try to finish all the levels with triple medal!

So download this game for free from Google Store and save this world from the large comet.

Google Play Download Link: Hungry Black Hole

App Store Download Link: Hungry Black Hole


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