Password managers are digital vaults where you can keep all of your important information, like logins, credit card numbers, PINs, and more. You can even create a secure note with secret stuff, like future baby names or the answers to life. If you haven’t already invested in a password manager, take a look at our favorite and see if it suits your needs.

What is KeyReel?

The name of the app is KeyReel, an amazing auto-login platform dedicated to all users that want to free themselves from managing their passwords. It is released on the Mac OS and iOS platform, plus it offers extensions for Chrome and Safari. We loved its friendly interface and of course, its wide range of handy features.

Standout Features

KeyReel offers maximum security and privacy – your passwords are protected with a military grade AES encryption, risk-free. It automatically detects passwords on webforms and prompts to store them on your device the first time you login to a site. You can also add extra protection to sensitive sites, such as PIN codes and Touch IDs, you can create and store unlimited usernames and passwords in it, and you don’t have to worry about convenience.

If you want to have a strong unique password for each site without worrying about remembering them, you can download KeyReel from one of the following links – it is completely free of charge!

App Store Download Link: KeyReel

Official Website: KeyReel

Chrome Extension: KeyReel

Safari Extension: KeyReel

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